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Bio Projects

Direct base-sequencing procedure using TERSBio-Polymer Sequencing

Direct investigation of a single polymer structure or even direct sequencing is a major target in this project. This also involves the examination of the secondary structure and assembly of proteins. Recently, our group has resolved the sequence of artificial single-stranded DNA and RNA molecules by TERS.

Schematic experiment for protein- lipid interactionMembranes and membrane proteins

The nanoscale composition of membranes with respect to lipid distribution and inclusion of proteins is one of our fields of interest. We also want to shed light on intermolecular and intramolecular interactions of protein structures.
link to TR166 & HotAim

Direct base-sequencing procedure using TERSFast and efficient diagnostics of viruses (Fast Virus)

In order to study specific properties of nanoparticles, novel instrumental setups are being developed. Furthermore, specifically tailored substrates for TERS are constantly tested and improved.
We have developed a novel approach of TERS to opaque samples like semiconductors and geological samples. In the experiment, only a small modification of the present transmission setup in terms of a dichoric mirror above the TERS tip is needed. While there is some loss of signal intensity the spectra remain unchanged.(link to TAB Projekt FastVirus)