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Research - Nanospectroscopy - Deckert Group

The goal of our research is a structure specific investigation of surfaces with highest possible lateral resolution. In our group near-field optical techniques (mainly tip-enhanced Raman scattering - TERS) are used to achieve nanometer resolution and simultaneous single molecule sensitivity.

Key research aspects

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Fundamental interactions on the nanometer scale

  • What are the fundamental limits of resolution?
  • Which effects influence the resolution?
  • How affects the lateral resolution actual experiments?
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(Plasmon-activated) catalysis

  • Is it possible to investigate basic reaction steps at catalytic hot-spots?
  • Is a near-field structuring possible via TERS probes?
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Method development

  • How can experiments be optimized?
  • How can we improve the stability of the probes?
  • Can the evaluation be improved?
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  • Is direct single molecule sequencing possible?
  • Can single proteins investigated in a membrane?
  • Can single virus particles be characterized?
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Near Field Optics

  • Coupling of Photoinduced Force Microscopy (PiFM) with Tip-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
  • Theoretical investigations of realistic plasmonic nanostructures
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Soft Matter/Polymer

  • Nanoscale investigation of micelles, nanoparticles and vesicles